SAFE offers a wide range of courses. We combine classroom training with simulator and range time to make sure you are a SAFE and responsible gun owner. Even if you have not purchased your firearm yet we encourage you to contact us so we can help you make the most informed decision possible.

Basic to Advanced Courses

Basic understanding of firearms is a must if you plan to own one. Advanced training and ongoing instruction is a must if you plan on carrying one. All to often we become so used to handling our firearm that we may forget some of the basic handling concepts that would keep us SAFE.

We offer two genres of training courses: NRA Basic Courses and SAFE Certified Courses. Both are a great way to gain a foundation or fine tune existing skills for shooting skills of all disciplines.

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Concealed Carry Courses

Every day we there are situations where armed and responsible citizens discourage and protect themselves and others against violence. Unfortunately, only those who are uneducated about the law and firearm safety will make a new story. So earn your Concealed Carry certification so that you can protect yourself responsibly.

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